A classic in-line pedalboard enhanced with some modern tonal improvements.

The Board

This board looks fairly straightforward but has a few hidden features to improve the quality of sound and flexibility.

The client had the pedals chosen but was concerned that the sound of the guitar going directly into the amp was being lost when all of the pedals were bypassed. A Lehle Sunday Driver buffer is first in the chain which restored all of the clarity and depth in the guitar sound. The signal is slightly boosted here too to push the Demeter Compressor a little harder.

The MXR A/B box is splitting the signal either to the effects or into a Lehle Sunday Drive XLR which is being used as a DI box for acoustic guitar. These are excellent, clean DI boxes with variable output and massive headroom. The TC Polytune Mini tuner is always on, fed from the A/B box Thru socket.

The output of the Strymon Timeline is stereo and runs stereo into the Fulltone Supa-Trem2 and Strymon BlueSky for wide panning effects and independent delays.

The client wanted to use a pair of Fender Vibrolux amps and be able to switch between the two channels on the amps and control the amps' built-in reverb and tremolo for both amps together. BrightOnion Pedals built a custom switcher to do all of this with a polarity switch and ground lift.

The second Dunlop Volume X is used as an expression pedal for the Strymon Timeline, assigned for various functions per patch.

Power comes from a Voodoo Lab 4x4 which has ample power for the high-current Strymon pedals and 12v for the Lehle buffer for extra headroom on the input buffer.

The Specs + Signal Flow