A simple, adaptable board built for intense international touring.

The Board

This client needed a board for international touring so needed it to be small, light and with a power supply that will work anywhere in the world. This guitarist was often flying into shows without their own amp, so needed a flexible board that could adapt to any situation.

The Palmer PWT05 was chosen for its light weight, compact size, and 110/240v operation and the board is built to fit into a small Pelican 1500 briefcase that's small enough to carry on board a flight.

The board needed to be versatile enough to handle a range of amps so flexible pedals were chosen after a lot of discussion and experimentation. Both the MXR Modified OD and the Earthquaker Devices Palisades can cover a huge amount of overdrive and distortion tones. The MXR A/B box is used to switch between amps, or between amp channels. This gives the guitarist an extra range of tones.

The Specs + Signal Flow