A versatile Midi controlled Stereo board

The Board


Chris had been using an extensive rack setup for many years with all of his pedals off stage. The aim of moving his effects back to his feet was to make editing easier and quicker, and to improve the quality of the sound.

Some pedals from the old setup were retained and several new pedals were auditioned and chosen. Using several overdrive and distortion pedals gives a huge palette of tones and the versatility of the ‘Big Three’ Strymons - using full midi function - is almost limitless. To further increase the flexibility of the midi-capable pedals, a Mission Engineering expression pedal was added which can be programmed to control various functions per patch.

The RJM PedalBoard Controller was chosen since we needed at least 3 stereo loops and up to 10 loops in total.

Though the Strymon pedals are all running in stereo, Chris wanted to be able to switch to a mono output on occasion without losing one side of the stereo image so the LA Sound Design PI-01 is used both to sum the stereo signal to a mono output, and for its excellent buffers.

With so many high current pedals, powering the board would normally have required two larger supplies. For this board, I chose the new Strymon Zuma which has plenty of current for Strymon’s pedals and the option of an 18v outlet which I used on the Origin Effects Cali76. The extra headroom at higher voltage is immediately noticeable.

The Zuma is also accepts universal input voltage so can be used anywhere without switching; an added bonus for someone who travels as much as Chris.

The Specs