An Extensive Stereo board with Various gain options

The Board


Henry had a large collection of pedals which he was keen to use. We went through and chose the minimum number of pedals with the maximum flexibility. Programmable pedals such as the POG2 and ModFactor were chosen instead of multiple single-use pedals.

One of the challenges with this rig was wanting to achieve high gain at low volumes because of the limitations of stage volume using two powerful amps. The Strymon Deco is used at the start of the chain to add a little grit without adding extra volume. The Zvex Super Duper 2-in-1 before any of the drive pedals functions both as a boost and an extra gain stage so the drive pedals can overdrive at lower volumes. Proper gain staging is hugely important in guitar rigs and so often overlooked. A quirk of the Boss RE-20 is that the input volume control is never bypassed, even when the effect is off. One advantage of this is that a heavily distorted signal can be attenuated, or boosted, to interact better with the amps.

The Boss ES-8 was chosen for switching as it's easy to program and sounds excellent.

On occasion, venue size or volume necessitates that only one amp is used. Since there are some stereo effects, losing one side of the image would be a problem. LA Sound Design's buffered patch box - a must for any stereo pedalboard - can sum a stereo input to two mono outputs so nothing is lost when using only one amp.

NB: a ToneConcepts GOO is due to replace the Fredric Klone.

The Specs