Versatile touring board with high-quality signal

The Board


Mattie was clear that he wanted to avoid any pedal 'tap-dancing' so we chose the Boss ES-8 to handle switching. Changing from a clean, chorused tone to a huge octave fuzz in one tap is immensely useful, especially for guitarists who sing.

Several weeks before the build, we spent a day auditioning several pedals to find an overdrive which paired well with the Boss SD-1 which was a cornerstone of Mattie's sound. The Rockett Archer has a distinctive voice of its own but complemented the SD-1 and Zvex Double Rock very well. The architecture of a Klon-style circuit lends itself to stacking overdrives. Mattie uses a Fender Bassman and 6x10 bass cab so pedals with a strong midrange character helped to control the overwhelming low-end frequencies.

During the pedal auditions and road-testing, the Boss DM-2W was a clear winner over several analog and digital delays. Wren and Cuff's excellent Tall Font Russian replaced an EHX Big Muff and room was left on the board for any extra pedals which might creep in in the future.

On an energetic - or any - stage, cables coming unplugged is a rookie mistake. I built a patch box with locking sockets, set in enough from the edge of the board that angled jacks don't protrude. Despite this board living downstage centre, it will survive any knocks during shows.

The Specs