bespoke board for a Two-amp setup

The Board


Some people use two amps for stereo effects, other use them for separate effects chains.

Dino wanted to use one amp for his overdriven tone and a second amp kept clean. With some excellent pedals - vintage and modern - on the board, keeping the purity of the guitar's tone was key. The tuner was kept out of the signal chain using the tuner output of the Lehle Dual - also used for switching between amps. The modulation, reverb, and delay pedals are used on both amps but the Tube Screamer and Coopersonic Valveslapper only run to one amp keeping the other clean.

The MXR Micro Amp was added to the board to match levels of two very different guitars. The Lehle's outputs can also be attenuated to change the gain staging of the clean and driven signal chains.

A compressor sits at the end of both clean and driven signal chains to drive the amp inputs at lower volumes. Transparent compressors with a lot of clean headroom were chosen, and the blend control on the Xotic SP Comp allows for parallel compression on the clean amp.

To make switching on the Strymon Big Sky easier, an additional Bright Onion footswitch was added. The footswitch can be assigned to cycle through banks or individual presets saving the delicate dance of pressing two pedals at once.

Power for the board comes from a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+, using the auxiliary IEC output to power the vintage Memory Man (a 110v conversion). The Coopersonic runs from its own power supply supplying 12v AC.

To make setup quicker and tidier, a output patch box was built to keep the custom made amp loom away from the cabling on the board.

The Specs