A compact, reliable board built to travel

The Board

Loz needed a compact, reliable board for both electric and upright basses suitable for international touring.

The decision was made early in the design process that the board needed to stay as compact as possible – ideally hand-carry size to avoid excess charges on the many flights that Loz makes with his equipment. The Peli 1510 is large enough to fit a complete pedalboard, cables, looms and spares while still small enough to carry on to a plane.

Like many bass players, Loz had been using a Sansamp Bass Driver Programmable to switch between several clean and driven tones. We decided to upgrade the main preamp to the excellent Darkglass Vintage Deluxe which has a huge variety of usable sounds, and an EHX Bass Soul Food for another channel of drive. Combining the two drive stages, and using both individually gives a wide range of drive that combine well with the various octave pedals (OC-2, POG, and MicroSynth).

To accommodate the extra pedals, a Cioks DC-10 was chosen for its universal voltage and high power output.

Loz uses both electric and upright basses on his current gig with Jamie Cullum so needed to be able to run both signal chains through the same board, sending both instruments to the same amp. A Boss LS-2 is used to combine the signals with independent volume controls and the MXR 10-band EQ is used post-DI on the upright bass line to control any unwanted feedback.

A pair of Radial SB-2 DI boxes are hidden under the back row of pedals, chosen for their excellent sound quality and compact size.

I built a small patch box for instrument inputs / outputs which is mounted on the back of the board. On busy stages with limited time, it's important to keep setup as simple as possible. Having one place to plug in all of the cabling saves a lot of valuable time.

The Specs